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  Additional Types of Windows

Double Hung Windows

Our most popular windows are manufactured with superior vinyl and components made from impact modifiers durable resins.

Our designs incorporate fusion- welded, multi-chamber construction to ensure extra rigidity and the highest insulating value.


Casement Windows

These are windows that open out to catch the breeze and extend the feeling of your yard into your home- Our casement window offers maximum sealing against air, water, sound, dust and airborne particles with triple weather stripping.

A heavy- duty three point locking system is controlled by one easy- to- operate lower latch position.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are basically the same as a casement window turned 90 degrees. It is most often used in combination with a fixed window section.


Slider Windows

Slider- Tilt windows offer the same features and smooth trouble- free operation as our double- hung windows. The frames and sashes are fusion- welded to improve strength and eliminate sagging and warping.



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