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  Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose us as your contractor?

We are truly interested in making sure you are 100% satisfied. We give more than the customer asks for.

We are going to do it right, on time, within budget, within context of personalized service and quality workmanship at fair prices.

2. Are you insured?

Yes we are. Please ask to see our licenses and insurance.

3. Will I get a written estimate?

Yes you will. We detail everything we are going to do. We review that with you. There will not be any surprises. We are honest and adhere to the belief that you are going to be 100%satisfied.

4. How can you be so good and yet so affordable?

We have years of experience in what we do. We know how to buy the best quality products at the right price and pass these savings on to you. When we do the job, it is correctly done. This eliminates the need to do the work two times. We are not the least expensive, but we are fair and affordable. We shine when it comes to honesty, reliability, and craftsmanship all within an atmosphere of personalized caring service.

5. What type of workers do you employ?

Our construction employees are skilled craftsmen. We provide the best skilled craftsmen to do the job. You won't get the handyman doing the job a professional tradesman should be doing.

6. Do you provide references from projects you have done?

Yes. We have an extensive list of customers for you to call and see the work that we have completed for them. Most of our work come from referrals. We pride ourselves in the number of satisfied clients who recommend family, neighbours and friends to us. They know whoever they recommend to us will get the same dedicated commitment to excellence that they have received.

7. Can you say something about yourself that will make us, as the customer, feel good about dealing with you?

Let us say this: we are going to do it right, on time, within budget. We will do this within a context of personalized service and quality workmanship at fair prices.

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