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We are a family owned and operated business.  By dealing directly with the customer, we can save you money and also eliminate headaches created by middlemen.  Low end prices with high end quality.  In other words, because of this we can keep our prices competitive while still offering you the reliability and credibility of a large, established corporation.

Our crews are highly specialized and experienced in their particular field.  There is always a foreman on site.  We make your construction project virtually painless.  Due to the size and efficiency of our crews, most jobs are completed in 1 day and always with complete cleanup.

We give a lifetime warranty on all of our windows and siding.  We believe in our product and we want to prove that to you.  Generally speaking, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we give our customers.

Join our 2% Rebate Program.  As a thank you for any recommendations, you will give you 2% of any contract that we sign from your job - whether it be a neighbor in our area who loves the work or one of your personal recommendations.  We figure if we profit so should you.

We offer 100% financing with no money down.  We work with several different home improvement lenders to find the best and most economical program for you.  Our expertise in this area has been a great stress reliever for many of our customers.  We also offer debt consolidation and refinancing of your mortgage.  Of course, we also accept all major credit cards.

References are never a problem.  We are licensed in all of New York City.  We can furnish you with addresses of customers in all of these areas.  Many of our customers volunteer their telephone numbers as references.  We have high standards and we maintain a good relationship with our customer base, many of whom we serve again and again.

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